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Can happiness be a $2B business model?

Yes! And we can show you how.

Unhappy employees cost the US $350 BILLION a year*.

How much could happiness save you? Check out our ROI calculator. *Gallup

The path to profits, passion and purpose.

"Get the culture right and everything else from great customer service to profitability will fall into place."
—Tony Hsieh

Follow Your Passion – Good Advice or Bad?

by Jake Richardson on 4.09.14

Summary: Following your passion might lead to a number of disappointments when jobs don't meet expectations.

Key Take Aways:

- Constantly looking for something external to satisfy one's self might be a wild goose chase leading to unhappiness.

- Growing your skill set may work better in the long-term because it can be applied to a range of opportunities.

The saying we often hear when people discuss jobs and career paths is follow your passion. There's an obvious problem with the passion-seeking approach to work though. Not all work is something that…

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Constructing Your Core Values

by marisa on 4.08.14

1 - This isn’t a process that has to happen overnight. Did you know that it took Zappo’s two years to solidify their first round of Core Values? And since Zappo’s and their CV’s are awesome I’d say that’s a pretty good tidbit of ammo if your business partners are all, “oh my gosh we need…

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Nudge Yourself Toward Happiness

by DeliveringHappiness on 3.28.14

Key Take Aways:

Your brain benefits from help to ensure you develop habits that make you happy
Tackling your unconscious programming head on isn’t always necessary
Changing little and slowly can be easy

Happiness is sometimes about feeling at peace, about having an alignment between what you want to do and what you find yourself actually doing. It is most noticeable when it isn’t present.

Can you…

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7 Steps to A Happier Day

by Lindsay Brunner on 3.26.14

Interestingly, for me, that journey hasn't just been about big changes and major choices. I've found that a few very simple additions to my daily routines have changed my perspectives and made me happier all on their own. I want to share my 7 steps with you today.
1. Start your day with a glass of water.
I'll be the first person…

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Make Living Gently a Core Value

by DeliveringHappiness on 3.25.14

Why I’m Living Gently
With nearly 100 countries under my belt, I’ve learned that one of the greatest gifts of global travel is an appreciation for the relationships in my life. While I’m abroad, I look forward to reuniting with my friends and family, and when I’m back home I revel in the simple pleasures of picking up the phone for a heart-felt conversation, sharing a cup of tea, or taking a walk on the beach with close friends.

This fresh appreciation has encouraged me treat those that I hold dear as precious. To give them the love and respect that they…

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5 Ways [Clean] Water Makes You Happier & Healthier

by Lindsay Brunner on 3.22.14

You'd have to be living under to remain unaware that water is one of your body's fundamental needs. (Hello Maslow!) Shockingly, even today more than 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes, and over 780 million people lack access to a safe, clean water source. Here in the US, any single person taking a 5-minute shower uses more water than the average person in a developing country uses in an entire day.
What We're Doing to Help
Here at Delivering Happiness, we understand that happiness comes from having our fundamental…

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