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25 Qualities Of The Leader In A Happy, Profitable Workplace

by Amy Frost on 7.16.12

25 qualities of a leaderWe are all leaders in our workplaces and wherever we are in our world. We DO make a difference if we choose to lead from where we are.

We are stepping into a new age of leadership. The age of living the SPIRIT of leadership, where we are facilitators not dictators. What do I mean by spirit? Spirit is vitality, aliveness and a deep feeling of shared values and mission. We must consciously lead if we are to have happy and profitable workplaces.

What does the leader of the future look like? He/she:

1.  Believes in herself
2.  Has a passion for his work and workers
3.  Is a coach
4.  Is a mentor
5.  Is a learner
6.  Is a teacher
7.  Listens deeply and beyond the words
8.  Uses her talents in her work and brings out the talents of her workers
9.  Inspires
10.  Motivates
11.  Sets and holds appropriate standards
12.  Lives to his values
13.  Is a follower as well as a leader
14.  Creates a safe environment of trust, humor and creativity
15.  Is credible
16.  Is resilient
17.  Takes care (renewal) of herself and her workers
18.  Tells the truth
19.  Is aware of the consequences of his/her actions inside and outside the organization
20.  Uses compassion and empathy
21.  Is respectful of the pain that change can bring forward
22.  Generates and takes heat
23.  Lives in balance
24.  Gives back to the community
25.  Creates an environment where all in the organization can lead

Teamwork, trust and empowerment are all hallmarks of a leader. When you have healthy, successful workers you create a healthy, productive and profitable workplace.

Who are YOU as a Leader?

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  • Abgoff1

    That is quite a list and one I certainly try to adhere to. Some, I can honestly say that I am living up to the SPIRIT of leadership as a facilitator. Others, I am sure could use some work but I practice constant vigilance to guide each decision. What I find most curious is that others still believe in dictating. I hope to provide opportunities where everyone leads. Everyone within any organization is important and needs to feel that they are contributing to the overall success. The kind of success where happiness is present in the actions of those within and noticed by those that visit. Although I believe wholeheartedly that the 25 components are imperative, I also know that there is still so much to learn.

    • Amy

      I am so right there with you…people dictate when they don’t know what else to do. My next post will help them look at how to be a leader living those qualities.

      • Abgoff1

        I believe that it begins with an immense amount of self-awareness. Leadership is not linear. You really have to think in a circle. You state a cause, take in all of the information, look back at self and then decisions are made. It is so important to stay true to yourself. Once someone asked me what I intended to do about a difficult situation. My response was, “whatever I decide, I know that I will have to be able to look at myself in the mirror for the rest of my life”.

  • Dlombardo

    Very powerful!Thank-you!

    • Amy

      An honor to be of service!!!

  • Clair Byrd

    Mark– we will definitely keep that in mind and will recommend that to Amy. Thank you for the suggestion!

    • Amy

      Thank YOU for helping me do my work of purpose!!!

  • Branch Whitney

    Great list! I would add: A leader not only leads, but teaches others to lead.

    • Amy

      I sooooo agree!!!

  • Kathy

    A leader knows when to follow!

    • Amy


  • Amy

    I love your idea….next post will be steps to help step into living this AND that is a great idea for a followon post…

    • Trent1cindy

      I look so forward to reading the steps. Love the list!! So inclusive. Thank you!

  • Eileen

    A leader learns from those they serve. A leader serves those they lead. We all have this opportunity as we step into being responsible as human beings working our way up to truly being all we are created to be. I think walking down the street or in the halls we work in affords us this opportunity. Thank you Amy for initiating the conversation here in this wonderful blog. Love always, Eileen

    • Amy

      AMEN…AMEN…AMEN…it is truly an honor to be of service..AND, thank you for all you do for all of us!!!

      Love always, Aim

  • Ajsgrs

    I like the list, it hits so many points that get overlooked on a day to day basis, especially when life gets in the way. I would add giving ownership makes a leader. When something is yours you take care of it more than you do something that is not. When people truly believe they matter and the product, outcome or what ever it is has some direct result of them it means more and it helps to not only make them strive to maintain it but achieve it again in another fashion. Those that see the pride in ownership tend to jump on board and get some ownership of their own. It has similarities to motivation but exceeds it because of the personal aspect and the pride of the ownership.

    • Amy

      I so agree!!!!

  • Gdperellon

    This is my picture!

  • John Ng

    A nice list, but you can do a lot better with more detailed examples considering there are many interpretations from just one word. For instance, be resilient, well…how? Most are obvious, how about overlooked ways to achieve that certain aspect. Changing your character isn’t done overnight. Two of the most important qualities a leader must have are adaptability and foresight. Problems will always arise and may be different than what a group or organization has seen before. How will a successful leader respond to an evolving problem with the limited resources they have? Could the problem have been prepared for or at least alleviated in degree with foresight. The better a problem can be framed and dealt with before everyone panics, the less interpersonal conflicts should arise. People might love working with you and their counterparts but if you don’t have what it takes to effectively navigate obstacles or fix issues, management will be pushing out all of your happiness and filling it with stress.
    Now of course, an article isn’t a mentor but it should at least provide a few paths that the reader can explore.
    A happy leader should be able to identify each member’s strengths and weaknesses and how to get everyone working together for the better of the team by delegating responsibilities to what people are good at, to what they love to do.
    #25 is an interesting one, can you provide an example, where all can lead?

  • Richard Gigg

    So this is how I have been living my life and it is wonderful to see it so succinctly put. An apt reminder to call upon if I ever feel it slipping back to the old days

  • Richard Gigg

    So this is how I have been living my life and it is wonderful to see it so succinctly put. An apt reminder to call upon if I ever feel it slipping back to the old days

  • Steve Anklam

    I can hear it now, “I don’t have time for that…”

    Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily tasks, we forget that building a great team can help accomplish our goals.

  • Elyse Johnson

    I think the most important word you used in your blog post was “choose.” You must choose to be a leader and choose to embody and live out the qualities on a daily basis in order to be a successful leader. It must be a conscious effort.

  • Joann Knuth

    Your concept of shared leadership expressed in Number 25 is “right on.” Excellent and comprehensive list.