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3 Quick Things for Bouncing Back

by jake on 5.31.13

Summary: Returning back to a relaxed state is something we can choose to do at any moment. There are many things that can be done for bringing oneself back to a state of calm. The following activities are just three examples. The author of the book Bouncing Back, Linda Graham,  recently shared a simple exercise […]

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10 Positive Emotions

by jake on 5.14.13

Summary: Paying attention to positive emotions can reduce the impact of stressful situations. You might not believe paying attention to emotions has much to do with work, but some research studies have shown negative work cultures can impact the functioning and health of families connected to employees. In other words, workers take the stress and […]

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Happiest Workers in Britain are Teachers

by jake on 5.2.13

Summary: Teaching can be a happy profession because it generally is about helping others and is socially well-connected. Researchers in Britain interviewed 2,000 employees from a range of fields and found that it was the teachers who reported the most happiness with their work. It was making a difference and contributing something positive to society […]

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The Happiest People Focus on Difficult Challenges

by jake on 4.29.13

Summary: When work is connected to an altruistic purpose, people may be become highly motivated. There’s a very interesting article on the Harvard Business Review site (one of many) that describes a beneficial relationship between the happiest people and the most difficult challenges. (This notion is hard to resist, and it may be entirely accurate.) […]

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The Will Power of Happiness

by delivering happiness on 4.25.13

by Javier Munoz Research by Wilhelm Hofmann, Professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago, concluded that we spend 25% of the time resisting temptations, and we only succeed 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, we succumb to the tempting pleasures of chocolate or to the lure of television or social […]

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Social Collaboration and the Sharing Economy

by delivering happiness on 4.10.13

by Javier Munoz A week ago I published a post regarding the Sharing Economy and its relationship with happiness where we identified how the current trend towards social collaboration in western economies was aligned with recent findings about happiness in positive psychology research. For example, we found reports stating that people that met frequently to share and collaborate reported higher […]

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