Delivering Happiness at Work

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Happiest Workers in Britain are Teachers

by jake on 5.2.13

Summary: Teaching can be a happy profession because it generally is about helping others and is socially well-connected. Researchers in Britain interviewed 2,000 employees from a range of fields and found that it was the teachers who reported the most happiness with their work. It was making a difference and contributing something positive to society […]

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More Happiness Linked to Working and Commuting Less

by jake on 4.5.13

Summary: Social interaction and relaxation were the biggest parts of the perfect happy day for a number of people surveyed in a study. A research study conducted by Christian Kroll of  Jacobs University in Germany and Sebastian Pokutta of Georgia Tech found that a group of people surveyed indicated in order to experience a maximum […]

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Bad Bosses Can Damage Health and Happiness

by jake on 3.14.13

Summary: Studies have found reduced employee happiness and increased risk of heart disease due to bad bosses. – Employees that feel undervalued and unsupported are likely to be less happy and healthy, according to recent research. A recent study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology found that the degree employees perceive they are […]

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Happiness and Efficiency Increased by Personal Technology

by jake on 3.11.13

Summary: Results of an employee survey showed personal technology increased workplace happiness and efficiency. – More and more workers (especially the younger ones) are using personal devices such as smart phones and laptops on the job. – Organizations that don’t recognize how using personal devices can help their employees might experience productivity losses. A research […]

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Charity Work and Employee Satisfaction

by jake on 2.18.13

Summary: Paying employees to do charity work in the local community can increase their job satisfaction. Key Take Aways: – Paid volunteer service may be an effective way of increasing employee engagement in the workplace. – Employee engagement is a very important factor in an organization’s success and too many are not engaged. The volunteer […]

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Relaxing to be More Productive and Avoid Burnout

by jake on 2.13.13

Summary: Relaxation is important for health and maintaining life/work balance. – Sometimes working less increases productivity because it allows more time to take care of oneself such as sleeping, eating and exercising properly. – Overworking can lead to lower productivity, because it generates extra stress. This post is almost Part II of the last one […]

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Multitasking Interferes with Learning?

by jake on 2.11.13

Summary: Though multitasking is commonplace now due to the number of Web-enabled devices and cell phones, it can decrease our ability to learn and think efficiently. Key Take Aways: – Distractions such as multitasking generally are probably unhelpful for productivity and thinking. – Being engaged directly with one’s work and other activities is linked to […]

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