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Employee Happiness Can be Decreased by Annual Reviews

by jake on 3.21.13

Summary: Employee performance reviews may be counter-productive. – Annual and semi-annual reviews, depending on how they are handled,  can result in employees becoming stressed, which generally makes them less effective. It is standard practice for many organizations to conduct annual reviews for their employees. However, this approach to managing might not be the best way […]

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3 Steps to Building an Engaged Workforce

by marisa on 3.20.13

Summary: It’s not easy to build a happy and engaged workforce but these three steps can help you get started. -          Making sure your leadership team is engaged -          Finding out the truth about how your employees feel about your organization -          Survey or interview employees to find engagement gaps Over the past twelve months I’ve had […]

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Happiness and Efficiency Increased by Personal Technology

by jake on 3.11.13

Summary: Results of an employee survey showed personal technology increased workplace happiness and efficiency. – More and more workers (especially the younger ones) are using personal devices such as smart phones and laptops on the job. – Organizations that don’t recognize how using personal devices can help their employees might experience productivity losses. A research […]

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Charity Work and Employee Satisfaction

by jake on 2.18.13

Summary: Paying employees to do charity work in the local community can increase their job satisfaction. Key Take Aways: – Paid volunteer service may be an effective way of increasing employee engagement in the workplace. – Employee engagement is a very important factor in an organization’s success and too many are not engaged. The volunteer […]

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Relaxing to be More Productive and Avoid Burnout

by jake on 2.13.13

Summary: Relaxation is important for health and maintaining life/work balance. – Sometimes working less increases productivity because it allows more time to take care of oneself such as sleeping, eating and exercising properly. – Overworking can lead to lower productivity, because it generates extra stress. This post is almost Part II of the last one […]

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