Delivering Happiness at Work

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10 Positive Emotions

by jake on 5.14.13

Summary: Paying attention to positive emotions can reduce the impact of stressful situations. You might not believe paying attention to emotions has much to do with work, but some research studies have shown negative work cultures can impact the functioning and health of families connected to employees. In other words, workers take the stress and […]

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Happiness Increased by Lunching Outside the Office

by jake on 4.18.13

Summary: Eating lunch outdoors increased worker happiness in a research study. Key Take Aways – Getting away from one’s work desk at mid day can be a very effective mood booster. – Staying at one’s desk during lunch can decrease happiness. Scientists at the  University of Sussex evaluated happiness levels while various workers ate lunch […]

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More Happiness Linked to Working and Commuting Less

by jake on 4.5.13

Summary: Social interaction and relaxation were the biggest parts of the perfect happy day for a number of people surveyed in a study. A research study conducted by Christian Kroll of  Jacobs University in Germany and Sebastian Pokutta of Georgia Tech found that a group of people surveyed indicated in order to experience a maximum […]

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Bad Bosses Can Damage Health and Happiness

by jake on 3.14.13

Summary: Studies have found reduced employee happiness and increased risk of heart disease due to bad bosses. – Employees that feel undervalued and unsupported are likely to be less happy and healthy, according to recent research. A recent study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology found that the degree employees perceive they are […]

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Happiness and Efficiency Increased by Personal Technology

by jake on 3.11.13

Summary: Results of an employee survey showed personal technology increased workplace happiness and efficiency. – More and more workers (especially the younger ones) are using personal devices such as smart phones and laptops on the job. – Organizations that don’t recognize how using personal devices can help their employees might experience productivity losses. A research […]

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