Delivering Happiness at Work

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The Happiest People Focus on Difficult Challenges

by jake on 4.29.13

Summary: When work is connected to an altruistic purpose, people may be become highly motivated. There’s a very interesting article on the Harvard Business Review site (one of many) that describes a beneficial relationship between the happiest people and the most difficult challenges. (This notion is hard to resist, and it may be entirely accurate.) […]

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3 Steps to Building an Engaged Workforce

by marisa on 3.20.13

Summary: It’s not easy to build a happy and engaged workforce but these three steps can help you get started. -          Making sure your leadership team is engaged -          Finding out the truth about how your employees feel about your organization -          Survey or interview employees to find engagement gaps Over the past twelve months I’ve had […]

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Relaxing to be More Productive and Avoid Burnout

by jake on 2.13.13

Summary: Relaxation is important for health and maintaining life/work balance. – Sometimes working less increases productivity because it allows more time to take care of oneself such as sleeping, eating and exercising properly. – Overworking can lead to lower productivity, because it generates extra stress. This post is almost Part II of the last one […]

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Happiness and Community at Work

by jake on 2.5.13

Summary: Happiness and a sense of community in the workplace are linked. Key Take Aways: – Authentic expression is an integral part of community. – Without it, employees may feel disconnected from their workplaces and research has indicated this disconnection can increase their risk of having accidents. A recent article on the Harvard Business Review […]

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Positive Emotions in the Workplace

by jake on 12.24.12

Summary: It may be helpful to actively focus on positive emotions to generate happiness and be more effective. – Paying attention to positive emotions and growing them tends to create more. – Positive emotions such as hope, serenity, contentment and gratitude are associated with happiness, skill-building and social interaction. Gratitude, joy, contentment…words we may hear […]

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Can a Company be Like a Family?

by jake on 11.29.12

Summary: Respecting employees and including them in the organization can improve teamwork and business performance. Key Take Aways: – Employee recognition programs and matching employee values to an organization’s can improve results. – Family is not just a group of individuals in the same space, it is more about shared values. Sir Richard Branson posted […]

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