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3 Quick Things for Bouncing Back

by jake on 5.31.13

Summary: Returning back to a relaxed state is something we can choose to do at any moment. There are many things that can be done for bringing oneself back to a state of calm. The following activities are just three examples. The author of the book Bouncing Back, Linda Graham,  recently shared a simple exercise […]

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Happiness and the Sharing Economy

by delivering happiness on 4.3.13

by Javier Munoz It is not a coincidence that both the Sharing Economy and the concept of Collaborative Consumption are converging tendencies supported by our Happiness Framework, and in general, by what positive psychologist report as key factors for driving happiness. The Sharing Economy was born as a necessity to respond to the dire consequences of an extended recession which […]

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Grow Up to Be Happy

by jake on 2.27.13

Summary: Happiness is not just an emotional state, it can be a life goal as well. – Choosing to be happy may work better than trying to find an ideal career. This post is a response to a TED talk giving by a thirteen-year-old boy from Nebraska, Logan LaPlante, who makes some very good points in […]

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Can a Company be Like a Family?

by jake on 11.29.12

Summary: Respecting employees and including them in the organization can improve teamwork and business performance. Key Take Aways: – Employee recognition programs and matching employee values to an organization’s can improve results. – Family is not just a group of individuals in the same space, it is more about shared values. Sir Richard Branson posted […]

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Employee Engagement Based in Values

by jake on 11.21.12

Summary: Employee engagement is very important for an organization’s success. Key Take Aways: – Employee engagement is tied directly to each worker’s personal values. – Hiring employees whose personal values overlap with those of the organization generally results in employee engagement. – Unengaged and disengaged workers cost the American economy hundreds of billions each year […]

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12-Fold Increase in Business Results Linked to Gratitude

by jake on 11.16.12

Summary: Thanking and recognizing employees can generate better results. Key Take Aways: – Employee recognition is not just a ‘nice’ thing to do, it is probably essential to an organization’s success. – The regular practice of gratitude is linked to happiness, and happy employees are generally more productive. The practice of recognizing employees for their […]

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Self-Compassion in the Office

by jake on 11.15.12

Summary: Self-compassion may be more sustainable and healthier than self-esteem. Key Take Aways: – Self-compassion is something we can practice at any moment to be supportive of ourselves. – Constant self-criticism might be common, but is most likely unhealthy or very unhealthy. – Self-criticism may be prevalent even though it undermines self-confidence and could be […]

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Happiness Tracker: Staying in the Present

by jake on 11.14.12

Summary: Keeping the mind focused on the present is associated with happiness. Key Take Aways: – The habit of mental wandering and not being engaged with the present might create unhappy moments. – Tracking mental activity and moods may be helpful in creating more mindfulness and happiness. is an intriguing free service requiring an […]

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5 Ways to Bounce Back from Adversity

by jake on 11.2.12

Summary: The following activities may be helpful for maintaining happiness and staying relaxed. Key Take Aways: – Social connectedness is a key part of happiness. – Giving oneself credit is a good way to balance negative feelings that may come during a challenging situation. – Practicing acceptance can be uncomfortable, but also freeing and calming. […]

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Creating Happiness at Work

by jake on 11.1.12

Summary: Recognition of results and relationships may create more happiness in the workplace. – Three simple things could increase happiness on the job. – Job satisfaction and happiness at work are not the same. Given the challenging economy it might be difficult to find happiness in a new job, but there may be several ways […]

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