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Employee Happiness Can be Decreased by Annual Reviews

by jake on 3.21.13

Summary: Employee performance reviews may be counter-productive. – Annual and semi-annual reviews, depending on how they are handled,  can result in employees becoming stressed, which generally makes them less effective. It is standard practice for many organizations to conduct annual reviews for their employees. However, this approach to managing might not be the best way […]

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Happiness and Denying Negative Information

by jake on 1.14.13

Summary: Trying to feel happy may actually make people unhappy because it can be an unrealistic approach to experiencing contentment. Key Take Aways: – Setting huge goals and suppressing information that seems ‘negative’ may actually make failure more likely. – Happiness may result more from small things we practice on a daily basis, rather than […]

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Coffee and Stress in the Workplace

by jake on 1.7.13

Summary: Drinking coffee can elevate a stress hormone called cortisol. Key Take Aways: – Even drinking a single cup can cause cortisol to be elevated for hours in some individuals. – Reducing stress in the workplace may be as simple as eliminating coffee for some people, especially if they are consuming many cups each work […]

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Worker Happiness Increased Says Survey

by jake on 12.17.12

Summary: Employee recognition programs tend to make workers happier and therefore probably more productive. – Employee recognition programs can be effective in reducing employee turnover. – They tend to be under-utilized, but they can be implemented and managed cost effectively — sometimes with very good results. A  recent survey of 742 workers at companies with […]

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Employee Engagement Based in Values

by jake on 11.21.12

Summary: Employee engagement is very important for an organization’s success. Key Take Aways: – Employee engagement is tied directly to each worker’s personal values. – Hiring employees whose personal values overlap with those of the organization generally results in employee engagement. – Unengaged and disengaged workers cost the American economy hundreds of billions each year […]

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