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Terri Simon

by james on 4.11.12

5 Things you may not know about me

  1. I love world travel. Will go anywhere with my backpack, yoga mat + camera.
  2. I am a hardcore foodie + yogi.
  3. I live to bring fun into everything I do.
  4. I am a gadget junkie.
  5. I love people watching.

Something That’s a Little Weird That Makes Me Happy
My entire daily schedule and any travel plans revolve around making sure I make time for yoga.  I often hear my husband say, “I have to check because I think Terri has yoga.”


Terri Simon is a culture catalyst and change accelerator who specializes
in strategies that enable organizations to create, iterate and problem
solve interchangeably and in real time.

Prior to joining Ignited Terri was the Senior Director of Human
Resources and Organizational Development for Chindex International, a
cross-cultural premium healthcare provider for the expatriate community,
in Beijing and Shanghai. She also worked as a Cultural Awareness
Consultant to in Tokyo focusing on coaching, change management,
workplace cultural integration and diversity. Before living abroad,
Terri worked for more than 15 years in the Los Angeles area, with a
concentration in conflict resolution, human capital strategies, learning
and development.

In between job opportunities, Terri spent 12 months traveling the globe
with what she could fit in a 30-liter backpack. Throughout her
excursions she lived on a kibbutz, called an ashram her home, and slept
in the jungle. Her experiences have informed a life-work balance
centered on the power of silence and observation, supported by the
ability to thrive in the unknown.

  • Lori Lyons

    dude. you’re amazing. and I don’t just mean that thing you do with your feet over your head. i mean the way you live your life with balls (you have serious presence for someone who is only like four feet tall) and the way you can look at someone with a deadpan face, and say something that is both true and hysterical at the same time. you’re quite the mighty force of peace.

  • Head2heart

    Amazing! I can see your passion a mile away! Definately a asset to this group!

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