Delivering Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work Survey

Measure your state of happiness.

Brilliantly simple, this 40-question survey developed by Nic Marks (creator of the Happy Planet Index), covers the key drivers to happiness at work and measures your individual and organizational state of happiness.

The results are immediate and interactive, laying out an actionable, visual happiness landscape that can be used to analyze strengths, gaps and goals.

Key Features

  • Immediate personal results
  • Confidential, open results that you can filter (including custom filters)
  • A simple, colorful survey that’s designed using the latest well-being research
  • Easy-to-understand, benchmarked results

Get Your Happiness Checkup

For individuals (free)

When’s the last time you were asked meaningful questions about your experience of work? The happiness at work survey will delve into questions about the key drivers of happiness at work and provide research-based advice on how to increase your workplace happiness.


For organizations

Contact us to see how you can use the happiness at work survey to achieve the goals of your organization.

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