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Involve Your People In Recruiting Their Managers

by Henry Stewart on 6.26.12

I’ve written previously that one route to a happier workplace is to enable people to choose who manages them, and change their manager if its not working out. Some organizations find that a bit of a challenge but a good first step is to involve people when managers are recruited. Ella Heeks was Managing Director […]

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How To Change A De-Motivated Work Culture

by Henry Stewart on 5.16.12

People don’t resist change, they resist being changed. See how Marion Janner’s approach to change in the workplace was too good to resist. Our image of a hospital mental health ward is not very exciting. Apart from occasional therapy sessions we might expect to see little activity beyond watching TV, and dis-engaged staff. Indeed five […]

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Georgie Fienberg

Putting Strengths Into Practice At Work

by shari on 5.9.12

My last post was on finding out what your people are good at, to help them play to their strengths. So how can you put this idea into practice? Georgie Fienberg is the founder of Afrikids, an inspirational charity working to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children in northern Ghana. Sustainability is key […]

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Getting People To Do What They’re Good At, At Work

by shari on 5.2.12

Are you and your people using your strengths at work? One of the simplest ways to make your people happier, and more productive, is to ensure they spend their time at work doing what they are good at. That may sound obvious but it is surprisingly rare. Based on asking over a million people, Gallup […]

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