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Tony Hsieh Launches Survey To Measure Happiness At Work

by james on 5.17.12
Delivering Happiness At Work's James Key Lim, NEF Fellow Nic Marks, and CEO Tony Hsieh

Delivering Happiness At Work's CEO James Key Lim; NEF Fellow and survey architect Nic Marks; and CEO Tony Hsieh

Last month, Tony Hsieh, CEO of, and Nic Marks, lead author of NEF’s innovative Happy Planet Index, and I launched an exciting new survey that measures happiness at work.

If you’re a member of our community, you already know that Tony Hsieh’s best-selling book, Delivering Happiness, inspired the creation of Delivering Happiness, the company. But it also inspired the birth of Delivering Happiness At Work (DH@Work), our coaching arm that focuses on making happy work for employees and companies.

At DH@Work, what we hear most often from companies around the globe is that they want to create happier workplaces but don’t know where to begin. Some have seen the research that shows happy employees are more likely to flourish and the companies they work for see an increase in profitability and customer loyalty.

Question is, how do you assess employee happiness?

Making Happy Work

We’ve addressed this challenge by taking our “Make Happy Work” model (built from the essence of how Tony took to $1 billion in revenue), and aligning with Nic Marks, a fellow with NEF (New Economics Foundation), and a renowned social economist. Nic is the founder of the UK’s Centre for Well-Being, and a key researcher on the National Accounts of Well-Being commissioned by the British Government.

How We Measure What’s Working (And What Isn’t) At Work

With Nic as architect, we’ve created a truly unique tool for employers, employees, and anyone who wants to pursue well-being at work: the Happiness At Work Survey. The survey offers a holistic approach to assessing satisfaction and engagement in the workplace by looking at:

  • the personal resources people bring to work;
  • the environment people are asked to work in;
  • the functionality that results from the combination of resources and environment; and
  • and a person’s overall experience at work.

It’s a dynamic approach that gives employees and companies the data they need to see what’s working at work and what isn’t. And it provides personalized reports to help guide future, positive change on an individual and/or company level.

How You And 4 Colleagues  Can Take The Survey

To celebrate the recent launch of the survey, we are offering you 5 free survey site licenses. This means you can log into the the survey and send it to 4 additional people free of charge. After completing the survey, you’ll receive a personalized report about your happiness at work.

Access the survey here and get all the details.

We look forward to sharing details from Tony and Nic’s London trip in the near future. Until then, be sure to take the survey and reach out to us to help you “make happy work!”

James Key Lim

CEO of DH@Work

  • James Fly

    Getting an “untrusted connection” trying to access the survey…

    • makehappywork

      thank you james for letting us know and the support. we’re looking into it right now.

    • makehappywork

      were you able to get in james?

      • James Fly

        Still not able to. It’s trying to connect as https, and says the security certificate is invalid.

  • Johnsonjulie

    Tony….would love to bring your movement to milwaukee & Midwest!!!

    Saw 20/20 interview on friday…and was blown away by you & your & your story!!
    Love it!!!

    Sunday our community took a huge blow with the senseless attack on a
    SIKH Temple her in a suburb of MilwAukee.

    Wisconsin & MILWAUKEE needs your happiness movement.
    How can I help you spread your amazing story & brand of happiness success???

    Thank you,
    Julie Johnson
    262 744-1744
    ReSources Unlimited, of WI.

  • Super Simple Survey

    Awesome post! So odd, we a startup that’s just built a easy to use Survey creator and was given Tony’s book the other day to read :)

    If you guys want, you welcome to signup for a free account at and create the surveys yourselves to send around the office.

  • Ciavollo

    Yeahhh love it