25 Websites That Will Pay Moms to Write for Them

by deepika

Lists and short paragraphs are easy for readers to read and are highly recommended. They also like posts on specific systems, tools and processes. This will improve the site’s quality and make it a fulling experience for everyone. It may not be easy to retain some semblance of friendship with children, teens, or adults. Children of the same parents may often require different teaching skills. This child may have likely undergone some form of emotional trauma or have been abused physically.

All posts must be a minimum of 800 words of quality content. Anything less than the word count will be rejected. This is so that that ties in with other published content on the site.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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If you would like to write for us and submit an awesome parenting article please fill out the form below. We encourage you to include link to the statistic and studies you have referenced to estabish credibility. We will also link to your website of choice if it is relevant to parenting/families. This well-known Washington Post blog covers relatable yet unique essays from parents of all stages. It looks to cover families with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Mom News Daily is a great place for you to share your expertise. By writing for Mom News Daily, your story will get in front of more people. Your story will motivate and inspire moms and dads on their parenting journey. A leading online magazine for parents, Mom News Daily provides current, reliable advice on baby care, pregnancy and parenting. Bloggers of all backgrounds and experiences are welcome to submit blog posts if the posts’ topics are related to Parenting Magazine.

Articles range from 800 to 1,200 words, and PopSugar asks you to submit full drafts versus a pitch. This is a free Christian magazine and website that provides advice for families with children of all ages, often with a faith-based slant. Its website typically includes specific calls for submissions with pay rate included. A magazine written by writers living in Arizona for parents raising children there, Raising Arizona Kids focuses on articles that provide local resources and support. This magazine is geared toward curious, caring and open-minded parents between the ages of 25 to 54. Baby Fit will pay moms to write about nutrition, fitness, pregnancy, and postpartum health.

Proactive Baby accepts guest posts for any family, Parenting, kids blog, or anything with a new parent’s perspective. One of the daunting tasks about guest posting is finding parenting blogs that accept guest posts. Also, monitoring blogs on parenting, where you submit guest blog posts, is tedious as well. At Proactive Baby, we are very selective about what kind of posts we accept for guest posts. We aim to publish the best articles on the web, and only the best author submissions will be considered.

Alongside, make sure that it does not violate any copyright issues. Think it’s impossible to build a profitable blog in just one month? Having your own official blog represents your voice, your writing style, and your writing expertise. It also increases your position of authority among your readers . Content should be proofed before submission.

We are looking for writers who are comfortable writing reviews of different stories that might appeal to our readers, all of which cover Baby & Parenting a newborn. We also invite parenting and child development experts to share their knowledge with us and help people with the stumbling blocks of parenting. Parenthood sure is wonderful, but along with that, it is also brimming with challenges. Handy and practical tips from specialists can really make a difference for struggling parents. We have built a platform for experts in our parenting section, to share important and useful information about parenting and expand their range of audience. We try our very best to promote all of our awesome guest posts, but with a high rate of submission sometimes they do get lost.

This list, as big as it is, only starts to scratch the surface. If so, why not write a guest post for Raising Arizona Kids? They are seeking stories and articles about raising your children and the local resources available. You, however, get to jumpstart or sustain your blogging career. You will get your articles shared on all our social media platforms and grow a fan base. Your article; we’d love to check your guest post first and then publish it on our website!

They recommend highly personal, highly researched, and education-based articles. Submissions should be between 900 – 1,500 words, and articles chosen for publishing pay between $75 -$100. The most-shared article of each month gets $150 bonus. Her View from Home will pay moms to write content about family life, parenting, relationships and more. They have a very thorough submission system for getting published and paid, so you’ll need to follow the directions closely to be considered. Article submissions should be between 600 – 800 words and payment is based on page views.

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