Abdicate Definition, Meaning & Synonyms

by deepika

Lentulus was compelled to abdicate his praetorship, and, because it was feared that there may be an try and rescue him, he was put to dying in the Tullianum on the 5th of December sixty three. I accuse the previous government of abdicating their accountability to look after the people of this country. In the previous yr, it has responded by abdicating responsibility and undermining the precept of authority, which is profoundly damaging to our children’s training. In many of those sad cases investigation would present that the lady’s dad and mom have abdicated all responsibility and that there isn’t any control or self-discipline.

6) That has been a fundamental fault since Sukarno abdicated in 1965. 1) As the intellect abdicates one thing else takes over. The requiem Mass, performed as a heavy fog lifted, used a mixture of historical rituals and new precedents to pay tribute to a determine who transformed the papacy along with his choice 10 years ago to abdicate. His choice to abdicate saved the church from one messy state of affairs — being governed by a weakened octo- or nonagenarian. Needs to evaluation the security of your connection earlier than continuing.

We realise that free public opinion has abdicated its place on this country. If he abdicated from his position of wanting the obligatory powers, quite so much of the issue some embrace money goes hell would go. What a few of my colleagues call “depoliticising monetary policy”others may name”abdicating responsibility for monetary coverage”.

The spam king has abdicated his throne and turn out to be a turncoat. He was asked to abdicate his duties as a manager, but was not excited about abandoning his position—and its profitable advantages. They tried to abdicate their responsibility of caring for their youngsters. One of probably the most famous individuals to have abdicated their throne was Queen Christina of Sweden.

No quantity of situations or licensing permissions will stop someone who both fecklessly or recklessly is intent on abdicating his duties. Surely, by refusing to do away with segregation in training, they’re abdicating their duty in this matter. The obligation to encourage these authorities which make use of too few teachers to employ extra has been abdicated.

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