Bad Information For Trump-adjacent Weirdos Delights Seth Meyers

by deepika

This state of affairs looks like waiting for the shoe to drop, but realizing it dropped in the early 2000s and we’re witnessing the moments earlier than it goes “thud.” We can’t catch the shoe. It has canine crap on it that can get everywhere in the carpet. If issues go well, we are able to clean up the carpet and then the footwear. If it goes badly, we could have to switch the carpet. If things go really badly the dog is available in and eats the crap, barfs it out, begins pissing on the rug, activates the shoe wearer and bites them in the face.

Most of that was metaphors about television reveals, so he is the perfect individual to clarify the world to the president. Flynn will in all probability be buzzing round his ass like a fly so here is hoping he knows the means to tell that guy to fuck off. McMaster is reportedly very chummy with the natsec press and the think tank gang, and he is never been quiet about speaking and writing in public.

Good lord, it is virtually comforting to observe Pence give a public speech after seeing trump earlier in the day. It’s amazing what using complete sentences can do. And on Feb. 10, on the detention middle, she collapsed. The detention center carolin losel employees had her hospitalized at Texas Health Huguley Hospital in Burleson, Texas. And there, based on her legal professionals, doctors concluded she had a mind tumor.

It vaguely appears like that is what Stand Up Republic is, or could be? I fully agree that the critical concern for 2018 and 2020 is voter suppression. Support the ACLU, the LCCRUL, the NAACP LDF, and every other national and local group that litigates voting rights and ballot access. Pressure your state reps to enact measures that make it simpler to vote, similar to early voting, no-excuse absentee voting, and so forth. Figure out what goes on on in your state and who’s helping and assist them. The comeback on the podcast, of course, was “No one anticipated something higher from you guys!” which is each true, and yet not a cause to put all of the voting sanity in the US on the shoulders of ladies only.

You know, we’ve all been saying that Trump/Bannon are going to bring the violence on a large scale towards the left. I’m not sure that’s true, not because they’re filled with virtue but as a result of they’re unpopular and incompetent. I assume that initiatives to get individuals legal ID to enable them to vote will certainly be attacked by the proper, but there’s a a lot, much stronger narrative in 2017 than in 1950ish that all Americans ought to be capable of vote. Using the relative political success of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to make race v. gender arguments isn’t really helpful or explanatory. If a couple of butterflies had flapped their wings in a special way, Clinton would’ve been nominated by the Democrats in ’08 and I assume she would have gained as well.

When this gets again into court, I suspect these delays can be useful in an argument that the federal government has overstated the extent of the emergency they’ve instituted the journey ban to respond to. So I don’t support the elimination in that context. But it must be noted that in the long run we should eliminate that exemption just as we should eliminate prop thirteen in California and the mortgage interest tax deduction nationwide. And do plenty of different essential reforms to make our system extra progressive while I’m wishing for ponies. But in all three circumstances what we now have now could be bad coverage. They distort the market and, worse, they’re a wealth transfer from the poorer to the richer.

And profitable an election does not give them the proper, a lot much less mandate, to subjugate 56% of the voting population. And the funny factor is that the airport protests had been fairly gosh darn spontaneous. Those protests have been about as near individuals collectively saying “this is wrong and I’m going to take to the streets right now” as it gets these days.

As talked about above and on Maddow last night, he is a pal of Manfort’s and is being held in Austria by request of Obama’s FBI. He has racketeering, cash laundering & bribery costs. Some regularly bear risks beyond those of mortal men, however they should not get a blind assumption of being an action movie protagonist stage of virtuous particular person more than anyone else simply because they’ve got a uniform. Yeah, lots of them do heroic and necessary things, and a few often bear dangers past those of mortal men, but they should not get a blind assumption of being an action movie protagonist degree of virtuous particular person more than anybody else just because they’ve got a uniform. Intelligence officials are those who determined upon, and carried out, the erection of a post-Patriot-Act surveillance state that spends far more time spying on Americans than anybody else. During one of the Blue Lives Matter discussions someone introduced up Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers exhibiting that lumberjacks are ten instances more more doubtless to die than cops. So I do not think computerized adoration of the nobility of soul of those oath-takers is in order.

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