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by deepika

These posts are built upon curating lists of photos and resources, and adding unique commentary to them. By submitting your content to be published on the, we become the rightful owners of the content. Although it will always remain a creation of yours, the content itself belongs to us and can be distributed as we see fit. Further, you may not republish the content anywhere without the expressed consent of the editor.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Soulful Concepts provides responsible travel experiences carefully created to minimise the social, economic and environmental impact on destinations visited. To discourage such useless attempts, we have revised our guest post submission guidelines and requesting you to go through the requirements before sending your content. We welcome informative, resourceful and newsworthy guest contributions from expert eco warriors as well as practicing every day eco heroes, who can provide relevant information to our Green Living Blog readership.

Write ORIGINAL, VALUABLE, and well-written content related to environmentalism, living sustainably, tips on going green, zero waste lifestyle, and environmental issues. To know what type of content we’ll accept, browse over the Zero Waste Lifestyle System blog. Then share your green living tips, ideas and suggestions on the Green Living Blog to spread the word about how to lead an earth-friendly and eco-friendly life. We are looking to expand the breadth of our content and to highlight new voices and viewpoints, so we can be an even better outdoor resource for our readers. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who wants to share their knowledge, travel planning tips, itineraries, or unique perspective with the Bearfoot Theory community, we would love to consider you as a guest contributor. We are committed to making a difference and helping our readers take on the challenges a sustainable lifestyle might throw at them.

Any email proposals requesting links to such sites will be ignored. Bearfoot Theory receives over 500k page views per month and is a platform where you can share your knowledge, experience, and raise awareness for issues that you care about. In exchange for your contribution, in your blog post, we will provide a do-follow link to your website or portfolio to help you build important Google juice, as well as a link to your social channels. In addition, when your article is published, we will share it in our newsletter with a link to your website, and we’ll tag you when we share the blog post on our social channels. However, we are getting a higher number of guest posts that are poorly written, poorly researched, and provide no value to our readers.

Neutrino Burst is accepting guest posts from both casual bloggers and professional writers who are interested in contributing to our blog and share valuable insights with our readers. We encourage guest posts which add value to our readership. We also have sponsored posts and these are a different kettle of fish. If you have a cause that is close to your heart, or if you have a genuine desire to help people to live a greener life while saving our planet, then the guest post is for you. When publishing guest articles, I will always include do-follow links to author profile pages, blogs, and other relevant organizations. I will never link to sites that contradict my personal moral standards, including, but not limited to, sites that promote gambling, alcohol, and tobacco.

You will be in charge of creating the best and most helpful articles out there for any given topic. Every effort has been made to only provide complete and accurate information. However, we disclaim all responsibility and liability arising from any inaccuracies and any reliance placed on the information presented on this Site and shall not be liable for any damages or harm. We will immediately discard overly self-promotional or spammy articles.

Our readers are looking to you to help find real solutions for real people everyday, that is what we are all about. Below you will find our rules of the road to help get you started and answer some common questions that often come up. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to creating a sustainable earth together, one step at a time. We are of course open to guest posts from both casual and professional writers who are interested in supporting Sustainacity, and helping to educate and bring a smile to our readers. We only work with professional writers, experts and content providers with a professional conduct and writing style. We aim to provide valuable and informative content to benefit our readership.

We don’t allow direct sales pitches or backlinks to the promotional product page. However, you may link your homepage from the author bio or from within the content if it’s relevant. No irrelevant or purely commercial links for SEO purposes will be published.

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