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by deepika

As lengthy as the megapixel count is kept in check, I do not see a cause why big-sensor cameras could not do that processing. Just because the sensor is bigger would not necessarily imply more computational processing is required. Sensor readouts from 1-inch cameras like the Sonys are already quick sufficient and really they already do frame stacking for some noise discount, simply not almost on the stage of Google’s HDR+. I’ve been saying for years now that HDR+ on a Sony RX10 III would be fairly amazing. I think each Oly and Pana have been pretty progressive on this front, perhaps not as bleeding edge as Google however definitely more ahead trying than different digicam firms.

The multi picture processing is one thing that bigger cameras should have had long time again. The downside is simply your individual and personnal degree of wants. Smartphone still have poor ergonomics, poor interface.

The results I was proven at Google gave the impression to be more impressive than the instance we were supplied above, little question at least partially because of the extreme zoom of our instance right here. We’ll reserve judgement until we’ve had a chance to test the feature for ourselves. Subtle shifts from handheld shake and optical picture stabilization allow scene element to be localized with sub-pixel precision, since shifts are unlikely to be exact multiples of a pixel.

Most people will not even see the “synthetic”-ness of the pictures. Faster readout speeds and/or a world shutter will allow a ton of new things in ILCs IMO. You’d want a desktop class processor, with desktop-class venting and cooling, and desktop-class RAM to get this same efficiency in a digital camera. The zoomed image doesn’t really show any more detail than the non-zoomed image.

A few years in the past it would’ve been unimaginable whatever the processing energy wanted, even a couple years in the past readout speeds were a middling ~1/20 which might still make this robust… The E-M1 II and some of the sensor news we’ve heard about take an essential step forward pet supplies plus animal return policy in making any of this extra possible with ILCs. Computational photography actually won’t be to every photographer’s liking, as it removes quite a lot of direct control from the ultimate picture. The tremendous res zoom might be the final blow to RX100 kind cameras.

Sony did also have a pseudo bracketing mode sorta like Top Shot , that was really more helpful, I think it did two very completely different exposures and even did flash + no-flash on the fly… It’s funny how it all seems new however digital camera makers additionally had to face limitations and offer workaround solutions. I bear in mind on a Sony WX350 I had there was a Multi NR mode or something like that that may take a burst of shots and put them together to minimize back noise. If you are comparing it vs 42MP+ bodies, maybe… Google has been iterating on HDR+ for literally half a decade now. Because the small sensor dimension means its much easier to take 15 photos and merge them in real time.

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