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by deepika

That’s why we’re trying to differentiate ourselves from incumbents and financial institutions that are not transparent, and that customers no longer trust. You can keep it simple with a Call to Action button towards your product, or you can add a newsletter, related articles etc. Track conversion rates on that button and you’ll get good feedback on which articles are producing the most amount of customers. As I mentioned in the intro, both B2B and B2C are Business to Person. Even if you’re a B2B Fintech, your business client will have a human reading your report or white paper. The reason I say this is because reports and white papers don’t have to be dry, boring or use overcomplicated words.


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The thing is, in order to maintain a good relationship with their customers, it is important for FinTech firms to participate in CSR initiatives. CSR helps to build trust with customers, which is essential for any business. If the values of the company are aligned with the customer’s, then loyalty is more likely to develop. The introductory blog post is a great way to introduce yourself and your company to the public. It’s a simple method to share information about what you do and who you are. Your biographical information will be included with each of your Tech World Times articles.

The term encompasses a rapidly growing industry that serves the interests of both consumers and businesses in multiple ways. From mobile banking and insurance to cryptocurrency and investment apps, fintech has a seemingly endless array of applications. If you’re looking for ideas on what to blog about for your fintech website, consider some of the topics listed above. Whether you write about the latest fintech news, provide tips on how to save money or invest wisely, or share your own experiences with financial technology, there’s bound to be an audience for it. With a little creativity and effort, you can turn your fintech blog into a valuable resource for both current and future customers. Instead, fintech content marketing writers must understand how to write objectively, depend on outside experts , and learn when it’s better to sound neutral than promotional.

The fintech industry includes everything from payment processing solutions to mobile banking apps. We know that financial services are complex and ever-evolving, and fintech content is best suited to subject matter experts who specialize in the fintech niche. At Mint Position, we train our fintech content marketing writers to combine the best in the worlds of content funnels, SEO and journalistic research into each piece of content we produce. Don’t write short form content because you believe that’s what people prefer. In fact, people often prefer longer form content since it provides an opportunity to add even more value and build a long-term relationship with your customers. As a small Fintech company, you can turn this into a competitive advantage.

If you have any questions, reach out through my email, editor John White, or contact one of the news team members. This is a submission guide to getting top content featured on the LendIt Fintech News site. Adaptable, it’s a fast moving and changing industry and hence requirements may change quickly. Generate insights and recommendations to help drive business decisions and identify areas of growth and opportunities for improvement.

There are many types of search intent, but the most common we deal with are informational and commercial intents. Informational intent is where a searcher is looking for the best info on a topic, and commercial is when they want to compare and learn about a brand’s products or services. The technology of Google reflects our capitalistic society – it is hyper competitive and ever changing. To rank at the top, our article needs to be objectively better at addressing search intent than the current top ranking articles in our target market. Producing fintech SEO content that meets the search intent of high buyer intent keyword will unlock organic traffic with high conversion potential. Few fintech marketing teams are prepared with the in-house knowledge needed to unlock SEO and content marketing results in these competitive industries.

Crypto apps, including wallets, exchanges, and payments applications allow you to hold and transact in cryptocurrencies and digital tokens like Bitcoin and NFTs. Roboadvisors are apps or online platforms that optimally invest your money automatically, often for little cost, and are accessible to ordinary individuals. Regtech, which seeks to help financial service firms meet industry compliance rules, especially those covering Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer protocols which fight fraud. Insurtech, which seeks to use technology to simplify and streamline the insurance industry. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), digital tokens (e.g., NFTs), and digital cash. These often rely on blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger technology that maintains records on a network of computers but has no central ledger.

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