God Made You a Writer: An Invitation to Every Christian

by deepika

The key is writing the letter in a way that doesn’t sound like the church is looking for a handout. Pastors and church members are often hesitant to write them for this reason. These words are both an encouragement and a challenge for Christian writing. Profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training.” God speaks to his people that they might hear, but not for us to be hearers only. God means for us to do something with his words. They are profitable for our actions — for our own words.

Book- Declare the theme and meaning of the passage. “Book” is also the one place where most devotions fail to make an impact. If you need help finding the hidden treasures in a passage, ask our staff. We’re happy to provide insight into Scripture without changing your voice and story.

You will hear from our Managing Editor, Martin Wiles, or the Executive Editor, Cindy Sproles, about your devotion post. 5) When submitting, please include “Devotion Submission” in the subject line. This will send your submission into our priority inbox.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Articles should inspire the reader to be in awe of God the creator and help generate a humble, worshipful spirit that glorifies God. Stories or content should be uplifting and positive rather than confrontational and argumentative. This is one of many websites that provide freelance Christian writing job opportunities online. They request that submitted content should be able to help Christians understand and obey God’s word.

The editors especially look for how-to articles, profiles, interviews, and personal experience stories related to health, nutrition, and exercise. Runs a bi-monthly magazine as well as a website, relevantmagazine.com, which features daily articles. The content is geared toward millennial audiences, and topics include faith, lifestyle, national and global issues, culture, and justice. A blog for writers and readers of international Christian fiction. International Christian Fiction Writers is a group of over thirty authors writing Christian fiction in international settings.

You remain in control of all rights to your work. Christian Devotions Ministry purchases 1st rights to devotions which are published in our devotional books and materials. We simply ask you to credit Christian Devotions with “used by permission Christian Devotions Ministries.” This drives visitors to the website.

If the subject line includes anything other than this, we may never see it. Make your devotion personal but relatable to life experiences. If you are writing about Bible study or spiritual growth, please use at least three Bible references in your article.

As such, we neither require nor expect every submission to discuss theology, scripture, or the Christian faith. Instead, we hope that your faith-based perspective will flow naturally from you and be implicit in your work, if not always explicit. Submit the form at the bottom of this post and–if it fits–we’ll add your blog to the list. The editors emphasize that their content is geared toward a progressive Christian audience that seeks in-depth analysis and critical perspectives. Please include at least one Bible verse with your submission.

It aims to provide relevant news and inspiration and offer faith to unbelievers. The editor is especially looking for powerful stories about people performing an act of love, service, or courage for another person. There are hundreds of different writing niches, but writers often find that their work really shines when they can write about subjects they’re passionate about. For Christian writers, writing about faith-related topics can be deeply gratifying. I was married in Saint Marks Church at the age of five. The pastor’s son performed the ceremony in the basement of the sanctuary.

Created around the idea that believers are the only bible some people ever read. Lessons designed to help hold to beliefs in personal life, at work, and online. Blog topics deal with current issues in the news, social issues, community, relationships, literature and language, special days, etc. Each blog is given a spiritual or inspirational application at the end. ACFW is American Christian Fiction Writers, an organization of about 2600 members world-wide devoted to writing the craft of Christian Fiction. There is no time alloted for writing any topic.

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