How to Create a WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes: Free Guide 2022

by deepika

Developers can choose from the sea of theme and plugin options available to them or build their custom themes and plugins. Web Design Step ahead of your online competition with a strong online profile of web design guest posts that will maintain your search engine visibility and traffic. We know that pitches can be a difficult task to bear, so to increase your chances of scoring as many as possible, here’s a list of 5000 sites that accept guest posts. We specialize in publishing articles, tutorials, and in-depth guides related to Web development, design, and Tech-related topics. At Cloudways, we are always on the lookout to publish quality content.

Build and host a great website for your business with the cheapest cPanel license with this unique 5-steps guide. Are you confused about selecting the best web browser for you? Then here is the solution, read the article and then decide about which browser to choose. No need to send us offline drafts or documents to check and approve. You can simply click “Submit Your Article Now!”, and you will be landed to a page where you can post your content title, meta description, headers, body and more.

There is no need to be made at yourself in the near future because you can just focus on being better. Before submitting the guest post, be sure to proofread it a few times as there can be a few more errors that you will spot. From there, you will be a bit proud of yourself for spotting those errors and in the future, you will avoid making the same mistakes. You know this is the time to impress your readers in more ways than one so that they would have several reasons to come back in the near future. Don’t forget to never copy other people’s work.

“Hiring developers with Turing is as easy as doing a Google search. Out of 1.3 billion websites on the internet, there are 455M websites that use WordPress. Learn why so many websites choose WordPress development.

Ensure that the topic you choose isn’t already covered on the Cloudways blog. Once your topic is approved, share the Table of Content, so we get a clear idea of your blog. Developers worldwide collaborate and contribute to improving the functionality of the software. These community contributors constantly alter the platform’s landscape and boost its performance.


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Measure the overall visual quality of your post. The personality of your blog is developed when you decide what all things to include for yourself. Start with who you are and information on family. The About Us page of a website or a blog happens to be one of the most visited pages by the audience.

Once your article will be approved or published on WebPrecious, you can’t re-publish it anywhere else. Close your article with a concise call-to-action (“CTA”). Asking the reader to leave a comment, share the article, etc. It can not appear anywhere else online or offline, including your own website or blog. You can increase your chances of getting approved as a guest author by following these simple rules and etiquette fundamentals. If you want to share a report on something you’ve worked with lately, I look forward to hearing your ideas.

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