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by deepika

We booked a transfer from our hotel at Bangkok to the airport. Our lift did not arrive as ordered, so we contacted them, but they could only give excuses as to why our driver had not arrived and could not tell us when or if they would be able to get us to the airport. Received email the next day to advise Booking could not be confirmed for that date and cc not charged.

Find out what “the hook, the book, and the cook” are in relation to writing query letters and pitching books to literary agents and book editors. This post answers the question of what each one is and how to successfully assemble the pieces. I can’t speak English well so I want to send an article about issu of life in West Papua. There are (human righs, politic, gender, environment, life style, culture, and so on.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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But sometimes when you are traveling solo, we have to realise that we are not super humans and can take help once in a while. I used to not be a tour person, but have grown to like them! Bruges is one of my favorite cities in the world, it’s like something out of a fairy tale. I’m heading to Europe in March and will definitely check out the tours offered there. They will internally coordinate with local operators and get you the best deal.

Their goal is to provide readers with a variety of useful information on travel, auto safety and their AAA membership. The magazine publishes approximately 5 to 6 freelance travel articles per issue. This very popular Australian magazine is looking to highlight different aspects of travel and life in Australia and abroad including food, news, destinations, cruises, hotels and tours. The below button is an application form through Nine Entertainment. If you love travelling around the United States and tasting different craft breweries, then you may want to pitch this magazine this about all things beer.

I’ve thought about that a lot over the years, because I’ve had to navigate the industry’s sometimes troubled waters, jet lag, and changing itinerary. We can only list paid tours that have already been published. We’d love to list free tours, but for the time being, Viator does not allow this.

They offer free cancellations within 24 hours of a tour and work to ensure their customers are satisfied with their experiences. Any miscommunication with tour operators isn’t necessarily the responsibility of Viator. However, the frustration is still understandable, particularly when travelers are in a city they’ve never been to, may not speak the local language, and aren’t sure what to do in the situation.

The in-flight magazine for Horizon Air, Horizon Edition is looking for writing with vivid images, anecdotes and strong narrative flow. The best way to submit a post is to send small clips of previously published work, as well as a well-written pitch for your proposed article in their magazine. The pitch should demonstrate advanced research and original ideas on the part of the writer. The below button is an application through their parent company Alaska Airlines. A magazine all about sustainable travel, volunteer travel aimed towards those who “travel with purpose.” They are a travel magazine for people interested in volunteering, working, and studying overseas.

They pay pretty well and you can submit pretty much anything you want, so this is a pretty good one. The sister website to 101 Holidays, 101 Honeymoons is looking for posts about… you guessed it – honeymoons. They have the same guidelines and application page as 101 Holidays and they also offer ongoing writing opportunities, making it a good way to build up your base monthly freelance income. This site has an enormous amount of traffic and will most likely give you a nice juicy backlink to your blog, along with a much-appreciated traffic boost. They’re typically looking for unique and exciting travel stories for their travel section that are away from the typical holiday for Australians (don’t pitch them surfing in Canggu Bali).

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