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We accept no under 600 words on 100% Unique your content. We love to feature different voices and experiences. We want people who are passionate about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This is a forum and platform for discussion where we share personal stories, best practices, tutorials, guides and tips on how to live a healthy and eco-friendly life.

And if you don’t believe that, then you could very well be an excellent writer, but you’re not going to be writing Chick Lit. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, runners with flat feet should seek advice from a physical therapist or exercise physiologist for the appropriate running shoes. The arch support featured in most running shoes may benefit flat-footed runners the most, but even those with high arches can benefit. According to the American Council on Exercise, midsole cushioning is one of the essential advantages of running shoes. The midsole is the area between the ball and heel of the foot, as the name implies. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, running shoes’ foot cushioning can help relieve some of the stress put on the heel, ankles, and toes during running.


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With the use of a ‘hollower’, the inner sole’s contours were adapted to the shape of the foot. The leather uppers were then fitted closely to the groove around the sole. Clogs were of great advantage to workers in muddy and damp conditions, keeping the feet dry and comfortable. Today, most shoes are made on a volume basis, rather than a craft basis.

Writing an article and placing your link in the article is very rewarding. It allows you to reach potential buyers at the right time, they will read your work and learn a lot. At the same time, the best compliment I ever got was from a reader at a book signing in Los Angeles. During that apparently lengthy process, when she was frantic with stress and melancholy, she reread my first Chick Lit book, L.A. is an online Fashion & Lifestyle Blog for both men and women.

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