Who Do I Contact At Forbes to Become a Contributor?

by deepika

In 2020, the network announced the release of several documentary series including Forbes Rap Mentors, Driven Against the Odds, Indie Nation and Titans on the Rocks. If you paid a publicist to get you editorial, and you got this instead, then you should seriously question whether your money was well spent. That list never existed — or at least, nobody inside Entrepreneur ever knew about it or intended to publish it. This is why all the links in our contributor stories are nofollow links. Our new All Access program builds a hit-list for your product of 60 contacts at companies that are looking for ideas. Book a no-obligation call today to learn more about how we can help.

Gaining traction in the media is, of course, important, but you can’t simply wait around for influencers to discover and rave about your brand. I knew there was a link because; 1) I wasn’t doing anything else for marketing, 2) everyone was mentioning how they found us. We actually grew something like 1,300% during those 12 months, but I round down to be conservative on how much came from Forbes.

Depending on the council you’re trying to get into, the fee can range anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000, possibly more for some more in-demand councils. Moreover, that’s not a one-time fee; that’s an annual membership fee. Now, sure, if your business makes a million a year, $2,000 is nothing. Yeah, sadly, that’s pretty much the way these things go.

I sometimes think about what the, oh, 1997 version of me would find most surprising about the news industry of today. For all that’s happened in the worlds of newspapers and TV news, I think it might be magazines that would throw me for the biggest loop. Altogether, social media is a great route to take when looking for a Forbes writer to pitch to. However, getting their email address is also a key tactic. You won’t submit a pitch, but will send the final, polished draft of your content to. Along with the content itself, include a headline, links to other content of yours, and a brief bio.

He posted about a client who was “featured on MarketWatch” and another that was “covered on Yahoo Finance.” But the clients didn’t receive editorial coverage on those sites. They just paid for a press release to be posted there. These are the trusted independent contractors of journalism. They’re people who have a background in journalism, often have worked full-time as a writer or editor, and now do project-based work for various media outlets.

At the same time, you’ll be preparing yourself to be in a good position to eventually reach out to some of these existing contributors and try to build relationships with a handful of them. Aim for publishing at least reputable guest posts , before expecting results if you reach out to one of the top publications in your niche and ask to be considered as a contributor. Unlike many other outlets, contributors at Forbes are able to send their articles live straight away after publishing from the WordPress editor—there is little to no editing prior beforehand. This means whatever you post will be immediately visible on the website and will begin generating views and shares, so make sure your copy is sound. I’ve read so many poor Forbes articles on how to write business plans, create a marketing plan , how to cut home/business expenses, career planning, etc. This is why I Googled, “How to write for Forbes,” because so many of the contributors clearly aren’t SMEs, which tells you something about the quality of their gatekeeper editors.

A regular Forbes contributor often needs new content ideas. So one pro tip is to build relationships with active contributors as your pitch is more likely to be accepted than it is by a contributor who writes monthly. Ah yes, it always takes time to make inroads at a publication!

Send completed articles to Leadership Editor Kathleen Davis at Likes to publish, read their post,”How To Write Thought-Leadership Pieces That Get Published And Don’t Make Editors Want To Die.” They like writing that’s in “conversational English that pulls us along. That means that if an article is written with lots of jargon, we probably won’t like it.” Graphics, podcasts, videos, slide presentations, and just about any other media that might help us share an idea effectively. You may be asked to do multiple rounds of revisions, as they have a very thorough editorial process. It’s a good look for them to publish a diversity of voices and opinions on their site — not to mention more articles means more indexed pages, which can be a boon for a site’s SEO.

Indeed it is great read and quiet insightful as to how to approach writers and contributors. Its seems like a long way but worth a try to see my article in Forbes. It’s really awesome… I have been hoping to get my article on forbes but each time I think about it… I always think in another direction that its impossible. I’ve spoken to two people who were recruited by Forbes within the past month or two, and they said they were asked to contribute 5 posts per month, so that requirement still appears to stand. I also have seen at least one Forbes editor being very pointed and specific about what contributors cover with their content.


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