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Get to share your knowledge and expertise with over millions of tech users with our blog pages and email list. If you have an idea for an article on one of the topics above, please reach out by email. We are happy to suggest specific article topics that may be of interest. This book dives into the initial commit of Git’s C code in detail to help developers learn what makes Git tick. If you’re curious how Git works under the hood, you’ll enjoy this.


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For copyright reasons, we can’t reprint content that has already been published elsewhere. Make sure that the content submitted to be published is not submitted elsewhere and is plagiarism-free. We are constantly looking for fresh and innovative content from outstanding authors. We require that you are an established expert with a track record of writing outstanding content in your area of expertise.

The creator of the language is a European named Guido Van Rossum. An article must contain facts, experts’ opinions, links to original documentation. We pay $500 per article, usually within a week of you approving our final edits. We have a very developer-friendly process for writing. Motivational – Psychology, dealing with fear, failure, attitude, inspiration, success.“Life advice” for software developers, basically.

Our readers have a wide range of skills, but we’re looking for authors who can write for beginning and intermediate developers. In the beginning, I started this site to share my knowledge in Apache Spark, Pyspark, Snowflake, and Hive. At Real Python we aim to provide the highest quality tutorials and articles for Python developers out there. We’re in this for the long haul and we want to create and publish great resources that really help people improve their programming skills and their careers. SpeedySense site welcomes you to showcase your writing skills to the world.

You’ll get a page on the site where you can write your bio and links to your social media and GitHub links. Dosupply us with your author’s bio, which will appear with your published post. An author’s picture is not necessary for guest posts. Theimages should be in the highest possible resolutionto ensure they do not appear blurry when published. Allimages used must carry a credit linethat links directly to their source page, not only the source website. Authors typically receive $300 per tutorial upon publication.

They pay $300 to new authors, but this can be increased for regular authors. There is some related discussion in this HN thread. Digital Ocean pays writers $300 to write about Python or JavaScript projects or to write tutorials showing how to install and use software . They match the payout with a charitable donation. If you use stock images that are free, please add credits to every picture if the author’s name is available.

Ensure your article is targeted toward developers, designers, data scientists, or software engineers. An article must contain unique researchers, analysis, infographics, handmade/exclusive images. Check out our blog to see the kinds of technical content we post. We ARE looking for experienced video tutorial creators. If interested, please put “Video tutorial” in your subject line and include examples of your work.

Ensure that the post issubmitted with a full title. Areexplicitly written to market or sella product, tool, service, or app affiliated with the writer. Aretoo short(blurb-length) ortoo long(novel-length) to be published. But hold on to your keyboard, we have to reject a lot of posts because of a variety of reasons, and to prevent yours from being part of that statistic, find out why. Know the target audiencefor your post and write with them in mind.

If you’re using paid stock images, attribute the source . You can also search for images in Google that are labeled for reuse. Otherwise, try to come up with your own custom images (use Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, etc.) — this is not a requirement but highly favorable and preferred. Images are powerful tools to keep the reader engaged and interested in your article. Thus, think of what images you’re going to use very early in the process.

Python’s development lasted several years, during which he worked in various companies in the United States. In 2000 he already had a fairly complete product and a development team with which he had even partnered on business projects. Currently working on Zope, a content management platform and web application server, of course, fully programmed in Python.

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