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by deepika

Videos should be submitted as Youtube links. After you send us your three topics, our Editorial team will pick one based on our upcoming content calendar or client work. When choosing a topic for our blog, consider that Sustainable Review’s target audience is Gen-Z and Millenials – from casual observers to sustainability experts. You can attach MS Word File along with images on email. Remember to hyperlink your website link on your keywords along with your social media links.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Send your article as a word document along with your full name. Please do not submit any content that has been published previously. Biography with profile image must be sent, including all the personal social media handles.

I mean things are so hard right now and I’m living check to check which is ssi. This is completely bs and I want something back for all my times apps downloaded ect. If you are interested and currently accepting guest posts, please let me know, I will send you my article for review. You can also send your press releases or article submissions to but they may take very long to be published due to a massive backlog.

Add relevant and useful images, graphics or infographics to enhance the content and ensure they are copyright free without a copyright licence. Assume your most fragile grandparent is reading your article. Sometimes, you must quickly explain something you might find obvious or well-known. Passive voice usually makes your writing appear weak and unclear. In contrast, an active voice conveys a thought forcefully and directly.

We are also receiving many inappropriate pitches that confirm that the writer did not read our guidelines or check existing posts on our blog. We are searching for writers who have the curiosity to write and learn different things. The writer should be able to work according to the changes. Compatibility of working according to the type of topic is required. The interested ones can check the guidelines in this article. Those willing to write such posts shall apply and write the guest posts.

We appreciate the dedication and hard work. Your article will then be scanned by our review committee for quality and the way you engage the readers. When discussing political issues, make assertions, not accusations. Don’t insult the reader’s intelligence with evident sentiments about a particular topic. Provide the truth, and let the reader decide for themselves.

At Cloudways, we are always on the lookout to publish quality content. If you can create unique content that resonates with our audience, follow the guidelines below and get featured on the Cloudways blog. We welcome authentic and original content on our website, so read all the details carefully. Read out all the guidelines which are specified in this article. For the approval of your article, check your article first and then mail us. Fair Trade Finder provides online shopping recommendations of products that promote fair trade, sustainable, ethical and organic products and services.

Hello Rochelle Witness, Did you place an order with them? Please let us know the details, so other buyers can be aware of this portal. Yes they have did me the same way and I’m still waiting the said February 2 then that came now the 8th I checked just now they saying the 15th it’s a joke to me.

Each answer should be around 50-words long and refer the reader back to the main article for more info. We do not require you to submit any images – will source and add images to your article for you. Once your post is approved, you grant us copyright over the content and we automatically become its sole owner. You are then not allowed to use this content anywhere else on the web.

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