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Why tell a story with words when you can tell it with plenty of images and compelling behind-the-scenes footage of your production process? That’s exactly what bakery Milk Bar does as soon as you land on its colorful About Us page. As you craft your perfect About Us page, work backward. Think of the three things your target audience values most.


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For some wise words on the writing process, see “Writing is Thinking”. You should also check out “So You Want to Write an Article? ” to learn about common pitfalls we see in submissions and how you can avoid them.

Try positioning your submission as a list, such as 9 Forms of Visual Content You Need to Know About. While you retain copyright, Brand Driven Digital may reprint your piece, with full attribution, in products, including marketing materials. The icons in the next section call attention to three specific services you provide. Further down the page, you can explain those services in greater detail. You can also include photos to show what you can do.

Here’s an example of a video from HubSpot’s about us page. The visuals on your about page make your brand more human. What’s even more important is to use visuals of real people, not stock photos. For instance, the HubSpot about us page has an image of our founders. A brilliant about page design goes beyond just incorporating your company color schemes.

It provides a nice company overview, including a How We Work to give site visitors an inside look at operations. 40 Colori’s page holds promise to readers, telling a coherent story that increases trust and transparency. At this time, we accept a limited number of guest posts on the Natfluence blog. Provide 3 guest post ideas / titles that you are planning to contribute? Feel free to provide an overview of the content so we can better determine its uniqueness.

Offer actionable advice, step-by-step instructions, checklists, or code snippets. We’d love for you to properly cite sources whenever you’re quoting an important statistic or study to avoid any problem. Anything that’s too politically charged, overly critical, offensive or inaccurate – we want to add value not take it away. Topics which are irrelevant or non informative won’t be considered. Topics need to be relevant to our business, covering areas of SEO, DIgital Marketing, Website development, Web Designing, Graphic Designing and Ecommerce. Describe the future for your company or state its mission and goals.

Additionally, we focus our content on helping small- to medium-sized businesses build better brands online through helpful and relevant blog posts on social media and digital marketing. We do not accept blatant SEO plays from businesses looking to employ link strategies. Do you have a branding, social media, or digital marketing idea that you are passionate about? We accept original, never-before published articles from industry leaders and marketers in the digital trenches who are willing to share their insights.

All submitted content must be unique, original, and exclusive to Natfluence (i.e. you cannot republish the same content). Grammar check is easy and there are many tools available for that. Send us your article via Google doc and make sure it is shared externally and we can edit. Don’t try to please everyone by covering too broad a subject matter. Comparisons — Another way to approach your topic is by comparing it to something else, or even something from pop culture, such asWhat Star Trek Can Teach Us About Performing a Brand Reboot. Head of the class — Don’t be afraid to do a little teaching.

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