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by deepika

We’ll be in touch as to whether we think we can use it on the blog or not. The article you contribute contains photos that are of your creation, includes at least four, and that illustrate what you’re writing about. Submissions need to be 100% original content that has not been published elsewhere online, and you need to be willing for us to use them on this site indefinitely .


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

I’ve recently visited your blog .I must appreciate the effort to maintaining such a good blog.As a professional writer I found it very interesting. If your article has the following qualities, consider it accepted or it would have a good acceptance rate. You should know the target audience of your article. If your article is basic, it would target beginners.

You must hold the rights to any images you include, and you must have secured valid model or property releases where appropriate. In your pitch, please include an estimated word count, who you plan to interview, and an idea of the angle of the article. British Journal of Photography are always looking for new contributors to join our global network of talented writers. We publish daily online stories on our website, as well as in the bi-monthly print magazine.

We are a very popular photography site on the Internet, so you will have a large audience to present your article to. If we find the content relevant to our site and interesting enough for our readers and the world to see, we will publish it. Articles from experienced photographers (five years or more as a pro or semi-pro), especially those who teach photography or write photography tutorials. If you love taking pictures of beautiful scenery and special getaways we’d love for you to submit your images to us.

Anything about photography, DSLR cameras, photographer, best Mirrorless camera, etc are right up my alley. PhotoPXL will publish articles about photography and look at the many types of cameras we use to take photos, ranging from smartphones to medium format systems. We’ll explore the many options for processing your images and focus on the art of printing. I’ve always felt the process of making a photograph wasn’t complete until I could hold it in my hands. Color profiles, papers and types of printers will be reviewed, plus so much more.

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