Write for us! Social Responsibility and Sustainability

by deepika

Conversations fostered by SFF ignite discussion at the intersection of fashion, sustainability, ethics, and culture to drive action, champion new ways of thinking, and inspire change. Contributor rates vary and are determined by various factors, including the amount of reporting and research involved, the length of the article, and the writer’s experience. First, send me a pitch with brief detail of yours & Add topic suggestion on which topic you want to write. Include sources with links for all facts / quotes / references. Keep sentences short, and include only one idea / concept / argument in each sentence.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

No irrelevant or purely commercial links for SEO purposes will be published. All added hyperlinks in the content submission are subject to editorial review and approval. Please note that not all submitted articles will be published. Accepted articles may be edited by us, prior or after publication, at our sole discretion. This is done to fix grammar, or to make the article comply with guidelines and integrate better with Get Green Now.

Make sure you’re happy with what you have and we’ll do the rest. Lengthy – We usually require a minimum of 800 words for all our posts. But, if you have a really good topic and you think you can talk about it in 500 words or less, feel free to run it by us.

Biography with profile image must be sent, including all the personal social media handles. We do not publish content that has been submitted to or run on other sites/publications. Every article has a FAQ section at the bottom – please supply us with 3-4 frequently asked questions and answers about your topic.

We choose the topic together and you share with us your social media handles to proof authenticity (yes we get a lot of inbound agencies with fake profiles, which won’t be tolerated). All our blog posts include at least one video, so if you have a relevant video, please include the URL for it. You can also find a relevant video on YouTube and include the URL.

When discussing political issues, make assertions, not accusations. Don’t insult the reader’s intelligence with evident sentiments about a particular topic. Provide the truth, and let the reader decide for themselves. Anyone who is reading SR already cares a little bit about the environment, so let’s not be redundant.

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