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by deepika

Secondly, make sure it’s about something new that wasn’t already covered by dozens of other sites and authors. We are looking for unique, inspiring ideas and topics that will engage our readers. Using recent and unique information in your article is also a key factor. Thank you for your interest in writing for our blog! UserVitals is a product management tool that allows users to keep track of their entire feedback loop and make data-driven product decisions.

We have no strict limit on the article’s length. That being said most post tend to have between 1000 and 1500 words. Anything less and the post is usually not detailed enough.

SaaSXtra.com is an online resource sharing SaaS tools, in-depth SaaS product reviews, and other SaaS resources to help you build, manage, and run a successful business. SaaSXtra is a free online resource sharing SaaS tools, in-depth SaaS product reviews, and other SaaS resources to help you build, manage, and run a successful business. We do not accept content from people that don’t care about the quality and our audience and are only willing to get a link back to their product or company website.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We want to hear as much from you as possible! The best performing content always provides the readers with top notch practical examples.Don’t engage the reader with just words. Back them with value propositions, data, etc. We are actively looking for high quality and authority guest posters to contribute to our blog. Our website and newsletter focuses exclusively on helping founders, investors and startup employees succeed in their chosen industry.

The more sharing you can offer the higher the chance we’ll approve you . We look for more people who want to share their experiences and help us to understand more and more about the SaaS market in Brazil. This year we are going to create some reports about the Brazuca market and we would like to count on the participation of our readers to make this community more and more alive. We never allow any random content to be published on our blog just for the sake of giving some dofollow backlinks. If you would like to submit a guest post to the Bay Leaf Digital blog, follow the instructions below for consideration.

Blog posts, case studies, infographics, market research trends – a minimum of 1000 words and up. Establish yourself as a top author by regularly submitting your brand to Airmeet. Get featured on our blog page with a viewership of 30k+ visitors per month. Articles submitted via other form will be ignored.

If you’re selected as a guest writer we’ll be in touch via email to provide you with more details and the next steps! At this point, we’d request that you prepare an outline of the content before getting started with the writing. While we encourage drawing from your own experiences in business to support your ideas, over-the-top self-promotion will prevent us from publishing your article. The same goes for dense jargon and abstract, blanket assertions. We believe customer support is just as responsible for company growth as any other team. We want support teams to be armed with the data, metrics and knowledge that will help them advocate for and defend the customer when company decisions are made.

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